There are several types of scars. Hypertrophic, Keloid and Abnormal scars. Below we will describe the different kinds and some ways to treat them. Also we will go into the reasons for the scar whether it be acne, surgery or accident. Read on to find the Type Cause And Treatment Of A Scar.

We have 6 posts relating to scar treatment products. They are in no particular order. Each one is a link to the post on that product. Each one of these are good for acne scars AKA pimple scars.

Here is some information on scars. It helps explain the difference in scars, types and treatments. Therefore it should help give you a better understanding of the type of treatment you may need.

Scars: Start And Finish

Falling off a bicycle, burning with an oven or going through an appendix operation, and the annoying and persistent acne: all these experiences leave scars more or less visible for the rest of our life.

Most people in the world have a scar on their body. Whether the scar was generated by acne (pimple scar), a cut, some surgical treatment or a burn. Consequently we tolerate them a while, but we get to a point where we just want to get rid of them!
The scars are circumscribed lesions of very different shapes and sizes, elevated or depressed. This happens when the epithelial tissue is torn therefore causing the connective tissue to be restored through young fibroblasts covering the wound with a fibrillar tissue. That is to say that a scar is a permanent alteration of the dermal appearance, consecutive to the damage and repair of the skin.

Surgical Scar
Surgical Scar

Reasons For The Scar

The scars appear when the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis, suffers damage and the lesion extends to the middle layer, the dermis.
Although through healing, our skin is able to self-repair, it does not regenerate the damaged tissue in its original form. Instead, it creates a tissue with a different appearance, coloration, vascularization, flexibility, and a particular relief.

Consequently scars can not only cause an aesthetic concern to the people who suffer them, with the consequent implications on self-esteem and personal, social and work life; They can also have an emotional factor to be accompanied by memories or unpleasant experiences. Also, some scars can be painful, limit movement and interfere with certain functionalities of our body.

Type Cause And Treatment Of A Scar

Six Factors That Intervene In The Prognosis Of The Scar

1. Skin color. In general, light skins evolve better.

2. The location. The place of the injury.

3. The form or direction. When the wound accompanies the natural forms it is less visible.

4. The time. If the scab falls after 15 days, the injury is more likely to have a difficult recuperation.

5. The element that caused it. If it occurred with a dirty element that generated infection, it worsens.

6. The age. In young people, the skin tends to regenerate faster.

A dermatologist must analyze each case in particular. Although the procedures that exist to improve them are very effective, the severity of each scar must be evaluated before promising the degree of improvement and the best scar treatment products.

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Stretch Mark Cream by Dermology

Our skin may have marks or scars for different reasons, but we can divide them into four possible causes:

  • Acne scars. Pimple Scars. One of the most worrying consequences of severe acne is the appearance of unsightly atrophic scars.
  • Striations. Stretch marks are a type of scar that occurs when there is a rapid stretching of the skin, such as in adolescence or pregnancy.
  • Scars from accidents. Trauma, cuts, abrasions or burns can cause permanent damage to the skin.
  • Scars from surgeries. Although the surgical and suture techniques have advanced a lot, the surgeries continue to leave scars of greater or lesser importance.

Abnormal Scars

Abnormal scars are formed when hypertrophic scars (raised scars) or keloids (scars overgrowth of scar tissue extend) extend considerably. They occur especially when the healing process of the wounds is interrupted due to strong tensile forces, for example, due to regular exercise.
The cause of the formation of hypertrophic scars, as well as of keloids, is supposedly the localized interruption of connective tissue formation in which this is replaced by lower quality connective tissue.

Hypertrophic Scars

Sometimes, after suffering severe burns, scars of abnormal formation appear. In them, the scars are bigger than the surrounding skin tissue. When the abnormal formation of the scar is reduced and limited to the area of the wound, it is a hypertrophic scar.
Hypertrophic scars are usually thick, bulky and aesthetically annoying. When located near the joints, hypertrophic scars can decrease the freedom of movement.

Keloid Scars

When the surface of the scar grows excessively and extends beyond the surrounding skin tissue it is called keloid. Therefore the keloids are thick, bulky and very reddish and usually cause itching or pain. This is just part of the Type Cause And Treatment Of A Scar that can be found.

surgery scar artery removal
Surgical Scar Artery Removal

Type Cause And Treatment Of A Scar: Effectivness

It is possible to eliminate a scar’s color and decrease thickness or depression. Although the important thing is not to generate excessive expectations about the results, given to the effectiveness of the procedure.
Ointments and gels of the best scar treatment products can be carefully applied to reduce redness of scars. Also to relieve pain, itching and prevent abnormal growth of the connective tissue. Which is the main cause of abnormal growth with raised scars.

Scar Treatment for Hypertrophic and Keloid Scars

Scar treatment with specific ointments gels can start when the outline of the wound has been completely closed and the points have been removed. Therefore it is necessary to apply the gel or ointment with a gentle massage for several weeks, at least twice a day. Also gels for scars are indicated for the treatment of new and old scars, pimple scars included.

Thanks to constant care, the scar diminishes in size, loses its reddish color and becomes less visible. Specific ointments and gels for scars are on sale in pharmacies.
In the hydroactive treatment of wounds, bandages with a special layer are applied to cover them. Therefore this layer prevents the wounds from drying out. In this way, substances such as enzymes and hormones can be applied for a longer time in the wound. This scar treatment favors the formation of new cells.

surgery scar
Neck Surgery Scar


Glucocorticoid achieved the treatment of scars with injections. Also injections in hypertrophic (bulging) scars reduce the production of connective tissue, the skin becomes flatter and elastic. 


The surgical intervention of keloids is problematic since the keloid normally reappears after its removal. 

The so-called cryotherapy (from the Greek kryos = cold, frozen) can be useful in some cases of excrescence.

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Scar Causes and Treatment Products Clay Facial Mask

The scars don´t have to be that “thing” you always look at in the mirror wishing they could vanish. With proper guidance and the right scar treatment product. Diminishing its appearance and visibility is possible.

You can read my review of Kelo-Cote Scar Gel, also good for pimple scars, through the link below.

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